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在過去三週中我們一直在監看新冠狀病毒疫情的發展, 有幾點是我們目前的因應對策和建議:

1. 根據CDC的報告德州並沒有確診病例, 所以學校按表操課
2. 加強我們對流感的警覺性和預防, 如果有發燒和感冒症狀盡快就醫
3. 從現在起一直到另行通知為止, 如果有教職員因事要到中國去請通知學校
4. 學校從今年起取消全勤獎
5. 請注意身體的健康, 注重營養, 多吃蔬果, 適當運動, 正常作息, 提升自己的免疫力; 即使是咸染SARS活存率是90%
6. 好的衛生習慣: 盡量避免用手直接接觸眼, 鼻, 口
7. 如果有感冒病狀者請帶口罩
8. 對於最新疫情的發展可上CDC網站觀看

Dear teachers,

Please forward this message to parents.

In the past three weeks, we have been closely monitoring the development of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Following are my thoughts on this matter:

1. According to the report of the CDC, there is no confirmed 2019-nCoV case in Texas, so the school operates according to the schedule.

2. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible if you have a fever and/or flu symptoms.

3. From now on until further notice, please notify the school if you are traveling to China.

4. The school will cancel the attendance award from now on.

5. Please pay attention to your health; eat well, sleep well and exercise properly to boost your immunity.

6. Good hygiene habits: Avoid direct contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands.

7. If you catch a cold, please wear a mask.

8. For the latest epidemic development please check CDC website



The Institute of Chinese Culture (ICC) is incorporated in Texas in 1970 and organized as a non-profit institute for educational purposes. Our mission is to enhance an appreciation of Chinese language and culture through the operation of a Chinese-language school and such other means as may be determined by the board from time to time.


Statement of Nondiscrimination

The Institute of Chinese Culture shall not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, or religion in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policy, scholarship and loan program, and athletic and other programs.


The Institute of Chinese Culture (ICC), established in 1970, is Houston’s first Chinese language school. The primary courses offered at ICC are Chinese classes in either traditional (with Zhuyin) or simplified (with Pinyin) format. The curriculum covers ages from preschool (three and a half years old) through 12th grade. Classroom activities include listening, speaking, reading, and writing comprehension. The 6th through 12th grade curriculum is further enhanced with a cultural class program.

Additional classes, such as mathematics, art, English writing, piano, and Junior Achievement, are also available. The goal is to assist students with regular school work, introduce them to Chinese culture and fine arts, and provide leadership skills training. Classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters during the school year. For adults, we also offer courses such as Chinese, French, Tai-Chi, and art.

中華文化學院創建於1970年,是休士頓地區第一所中文學校。本校主要的課程是中文教學, 包含傳統正體(及注音)和簡體(含拼音)教材。學生年齡從學前班(三歲半起)直到高中的12年級。教學內容是以加強學生聽說讀寫的能力為主。另外我們還為6至12年級添加了中華文化課程,以啟發孩子們對中華文化的認識。


此外本校特地為家長們開設成人中文,法文,太極拳,和創意美術等課程。從2019年夏季開始我們更設立了中華文化學院幼兒園(http://iccschooltx.org/) 提供兩歲到五歲幼兒的雙語教育。

For adults, we also offer courses such as Chinese, French, Tai-Chi, and art. In addition, starting from 2019 summer we have established ICC preschool (http://iccschooltx.org/) which provides an immersion language learning environment for toddlers(2-3years old), preschool(4 years old) and kindergarten (5 years old) students.

ICC Address: 10550 Westoffice Dr. Houston, Texas, 77042