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Hong, Ching C.- 洪慶鐘
Class: Traditional Chinese 12th Grade / Math 3rd ~ 4th Grade – 中十二班 / 數三 ~數四

About Me – 個人經歷hongchingc

Teaching Chinese and Math in ICC since 2011. 20 years of experience in engineering, trading business, IT programmer and database, and 8 years in education. Graduated from State Univ.of NY at Stony Brook. Enjoy reading and traveling. My favorite quote – It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

2011 年加入中華文化學院的大家庭。台北人。畢業於台北工專及紐約州大。畢業後從事過機械,核電等工程,國際貿易,程式設計,電腦繪圖,數學老師等相關的工作。持有美國德州公立學校初高中數學教師和中文教師執照。目前從事初高中代課老師。喜歡看書,電影及旅遊。

Hu, Pamela - 胡美健
Class: Adult Chinese II Class – 成人中文2pamela-hu
About Me – 個人經歷

ICC teacher and parents since 2002.   Working on radio broadcasting profession since 1991.  Right now working at Texas Chinese Radio for morning news and special interview.

自2002年起加入中華文化學院教師團隊, 幼兒班, 成人中文班。從事廣播, 配音等相關工作, 自1991 年起任職德州中文廣播電台。

Huang, Alice - 黃幸月
Class: Traditional Chinese 4th Grade – 中四班

About Me – 個人經歷
Fu Jen Catholic University Department of Sociology
UT Arlington Department of Early Childhood
Working Experience:
1.Taipei Songshan Elementary substitute teacher for 2 years
2. Austin Chinese School for two years
3. Charlotte Chinese school for two years
4. Tzu Chi Chinese school for three years
Travel,music appreciation,tasting food.
UT Arlington 幼教系
1.台北松山國小及博愛國小代課老師 2年
2.Austin 中文學校 2年
3.Charlotte 中文學校 2年
4.慈濟人文學校 3年

Huang, Pearl - 黃薇芸

Class:Creative Art
About Me – 個人經歷

Huang, Yuting - 黃鈺婷

Class:Traditional Chinese 7th Grade – 中七班
About Me – 個人經歷pamela-hu
I was a teacher in Taiwan for six years. I hope my students have opening and creative minds. Let them be positive to learn what kind of knowledge or information they desired inside.

Taiwan High School Teachers Certificate
Taiwan Junior High School Teachers Certificate
Taiwan Elementary School Teachers Certificate
World Chinese Language Association Certificate

Hobbies: dancing, knitting, and baking




Kan-Lu, Jeannie - 簡梓筠

Class:English Grammar – 英文文法
About Me – 個人經歷
Degree: B.S. degree in Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt
: Master of Science in Accounting (Dec 2017)
ICC PTSA President: 2010-2013
ICC Assistant Principal: 2013-2014
ICC English Teacher: 2015-Present
Teach: 3rd – 6th Grade English Grammar & Reading
: 3rd – 7th Grade STAAR test preparation
Interests: tutoring, volunteering, cooking, traveling, music, art, and time with family

Li, Hsiao-Hua - 李小華

Class: Staff – 學校職員
About Me – 個人經歷
Started as ICC parent in 1988. Became ICC staff in 1992. Retired in 2009 then started working as cleaning staff. Hobbies include reading, computer gaming, oldies music, and workout.

Li, Qian - 李謙

Class:Simplified Chinese 1st Grade – 中簡一班
About Me – 個人經歷

Li, Xiao-Mei - 李筱梅

Class:Simplified Chinese 3rd Grade – 中簡三班
About Me – 個人經歷

Lin, Esther - 林欣樺

Class:Piano- 鋼琴
About Me – 個人經歷

Lin, Michelle - 林英

Class:Simplified Chinese 2nd Grade – 中簡二班
About Me – 個人經歷

Liu, (Amber) Ting-Fang – 劉庭芳
Class: Staff (Registration) – 學校職員 (註冊組)
About Me – 個人經歷
I was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States when I was ninth grade. ting-fang-liuI graduated from University of Houston in Communication-Media Production and minor in Chinese Studies. I am certified in ACTFL Mandarin Chinese, and currently working in a public school as a student teacher.
Hobbies: photography, non-linear editing, graphic design, travel by points, flying, and fengshui.

台灣出生,九年級移民美國,休士頓大學主修Communication-Media Production,輔修Chinese Studies。持有美國外語教學委員會(ACTFL)的中文證照。目前在美國德州公立學校擔任實習老師。
個人嗜好: 攝影、剪輯、電腦修圖與繪圖、點數旅行、搭飛機、風水。

Luu, Chwu - 盧儲良
Class: Wu Style Tai-chi 8 Forms and Tai-chi Chung – 吳式太極八法及太極拳

About Me – 個人經歷chwu-luu

ICC parent since 1998. Over 30+years of experience in engineering design & construction. Graduated from TA Tung University in Taiwan. Enjoy music, movies, sport, and travel.

Ma, Jeanne - 何有靜
Class: Traditional Chinese 9th Grade – 中九班

About Me – 個人經歷

National Taiwan University, Bachelor Degree in Language and Liberal Arts. The University of Mississippi, Master Degree in Education.
License: Teacher Certificate by Texas Education Agency
Experience: 30 years of teaching in Fort Bend Independent School District 30 years of teaching in the Institute of Chinese Culture
Hobbies: Tai-Chi, Kun-Fu Fan, Kun-Fu Sword, Long Stick Kun-Fu, Chinese folk Dance, International Standard and Latin Dance, and sewing.

學歷: 國立台灣大學外文系畢業, 美國密州大學教育系碩士畢業,
持有美國德州公立學校教師執照 .
經歷: 在福遍公立學區教學, 有30 年的教學經驗.
在中華文化學院教學, 有30 年的教學經驗.
太極、功夫扇、純陽劍、群羊棍、中國民族舞蹈、國際標準舞、及縫紉 。