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Huang, Tina - 黃相慈

Class: Pre K – 注音學前班

About Me – 個人經歷

Wang, Yu Wen - 王渝雯

Class: Traditional Chinese 1st Grade  – 中ㄧ班
About Me – 個人經歷

Wang, Susan - 王秀珍

Class: Simplified Chinese 6th Grade – 中簡六班
About Me – 個人經歷
College graduate, came to the U.S. in 1995. Taught Chinese classes at Hammerly Chinese School, The Houston Northwest Chinese School, Bodhi Chinese School, and Institute of Chinese Culture. Also worked as high school student counselor. Attended many Chinese language teacher’s development training programs such as StarTalk, train-the-trainer, and North America Chinese Teacher Workshop.


Wangchen, Zhe - 陳喆

Class: Staff (Registration) – 學校職員(註冊組)
About Me – 個人經歷
I came from Shanghai China. I started at ICC as a parent in 2000; then became a volunteer for the PTO, and school administration. I like cooking, craft and sewing.


Wu, David - 吳乃斌

Class: Building Management – 總務

david-wuAbout Me – 個人經歷

Engineer in manufacturing of oil and gas drilling related products for 30+ years. Teacher in Taipei (Technical High), Graduate of NCK University in Tainan. Join Family of ICC in late 1980

台灣國立成功大學機械系畢業。 台北高級工業職校教師,休士頓中華文化學院數學教師數十年。

Wu, Jolene - 吳欣倩

Class: Traditional Chinese 5th Grade  – 中五班
About Me – 個人經歷
I am graduated from Finance of the Ming Chuan University.  We moved from Taiwan to Houston on 2007.  I got married and have two boys, both of them are learning Chinese at ICC.  I hope your children can enjoy and love Chinese.

大家好,這是我第一年在ICC教書,很高興成為ICC這大家庭的一員. 學中文確實不簡單, 藉由唱中文歌讓我們中文更容易學習更生活化喔! 我希望每個孩子都能夠堅持並開心的學中文, 並且愛上中文!

Yi, Xuan - 易璇

Class: Simplified Chinese 9th Grade  – 中簡九班
About Me – 個人經歷

Xue, Hui-Chen - 薛慧珍

Class: Staff(Registration) – 學校職員(註冊組)
About Me – 個人經歷

Yao, Jessie - 姚依依

Class: Traditional Chinese 2nd Grade  – 中二班
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