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Chen, Ken - 陳根雄

Principal – 校長

About Me – 個人經歷

I moved to Houston after I graduated from UT Austin more than 20 years ago and since then I have been closely connected with ICC. I was very lucky to be able to expose my children to Chinese culture in the USA through the excellent programs
and environment provided by ICC. I was an assistant professor of Baylor College of Medicine and an associate professor of Nanyang Technology University studying and teaching human genetics. Other than supervising my Ph.D. students and
teaching genetics in the University; I was in charge of coordinating the graduate courses for the School of Biological Sciences. I was also appointed by Institute of Advanced Study of Singapore where we are responsible for inviting and engaging with Nobel Laureates to the University to educate the new generation and to advance science discovery. I enjoy traveling, sport and music.
我從UT Austin 畢業之後搬到休士頓已經有二十多年了,在這期間我一直和ICC關係密切. 我的三個小孩很幸運的在美國這塊土地上還能透過ICC這麼好的課程及環境下接受中華文化的薰陶. 我曾經是Baylor College of Medocine 的助理教授及新加坡南洋大學生命科學院的副教授. 我從事人類遺傳病的研究及教學已經有三十多年的歷史了. 我除了從事大學部及研究所分子遺傳的教學外,我也策劃研究所的課程及指導博士生的研究. 我也曾任聘於新加坡高等研究院(IAS)和諾貝獎得主聯繫及策劃新的科學研究方向及課題並擔任新加坡精英班的教學工作. 雖然我有很多教學經驗,但我卻是生命永遠的學生, 是遺傳基因的產物,獵人更是守護者. 我喜歡旅遊,運動和音樂.

Lai, Chao-Jen - 賴朝仁

Vice Principal – 副校長

Class: Algebra II/ Geometry-代數2/幾何
About Me – 個人經歷

台灣新竹清華大學(Tsing Hua University in Hsin-Chu, TW)
密蘇里大學工程博士(University of Missouri-Columbia, MO)

講師和助理教授 (Instructor and Assistant Professor)
產品管理工程師 (Product Management Engineer)
2004年小孩進入中華文化學院就讀 (have been ICC parent since 2004).

Chang, (Helen)Hui-lun - 張慧倫

Class:Traditional Chinese 7th Grade  – 中七班
About Me – 個人經歷

ICC parent since 2012. Over 15-years of engineering design experience in Transit systemHelen Chang, High Speed rail, Road and highway system, project management and quality assurance. Bachelor degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from National Central University in Taiwan,Master degrees in Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering from University of Houston. Enjoy jogging, hiking, swimming, playing with kids, music, movies, and travel.


Chang, Jean - 張靜

Class:Traditional Chinese 3rd Grade  – 中三班

jean-changAbout Me – 個人經歷

I used to teach Chinese classes at Tzu Chi Academy. Then I joined ICC and became a faculty member after my son started his Chinese lessons here. Other than teaching Chinese, I have also served the PTO and have been the JA teacher since 4 years ago. I like gourmet food, travel, dancing, and workout.


Chang, Albert - 張可良


Chang, Stella - 張翠玲

Class: Traditional Chinese 12th Grade – 中十二班

About Me – 個人經歷

Stella ChangMy name is Stella Chang  and I am a Chinese teacher. This is my fifteenth year teaching Chinese and I am very excited about the Chinese immersion program. I graduated from  the National Taipei University of Technology with a degree in Material engineering. I have three kids, Willy at the age of 20 (Georgia Tech),Terry at the age of 18 (university of Penn), and Felix the age of 10 (Coulson Tough). I love to cook and read. I have a great passion in education and hope to influence the next generation. This year I believe we are going to have a wonderful journey! ICC Chinese teacher since 2008, I taught previously at Cypress Montessori School, Paratus Academy, Children’s Learning Center, and New Orleans Chinese School where she also served as assistant principal for three years. Currently, I teach at Frostwood Elementary School, Trinity Catholic School, Bunker Hill Elementary School, Xi Bei Chinese School, Tzu Chi Chinese School, and Institute of Chinese Culture in addition to my classes at Campbell Learning Center.

Chen , Frances - 陳瑜

Class: Adult Chinese I – 成人中文I

About Me – 個人經歷

Chen, Hua-Ying - 張華瑛

Class: Culture Class – Chinese Knots – 中國結

About Me – 個人經歷

It has been more than 20 years since I started teaching Chinese Knots at ICC when my daughter was going to Chinese class there. I have also taught Chinese Knots at several other Chinese schools in Houston. I like crafts, sewing, gourmet cooking, and travel.

Chen, (Rick) Wuu-Nan - 陳武男

Class: SAT

wuu-nan-chenAbout Me – 個人經歷

Twenty six (26) years of R&D experience at Dow Chemical Co. Retired in 2004. Math teacher at,

          • Chinese Community Center
          • Evergreen Chinese School
          • Tzu Chi Academy
          • Institute of Chinese Culture

Bachelor’s degree from Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan and Master’s from University of Houston in Texas, majored in Chemical Engineering.

在Dow Chemical 公司有26 年的 R&D 工作經驗,2004 年退休。


          • a) 文化中心
          • b) 常青
          • c) 慈濟
          • d) 中華文化學院


Chen, Vivian - 陳欣婷

About Me – 個人經歷

Chen, Wei-Ting - 陳瑋婷

Class:Pinyin-K – 漢語K
About Me – 個人經歷

Dequin, Tzu-Hui - 張慈暉

Class: Adult Chinese III – 成人中文III

About Me – 個人經歷