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Hu, Pamela - 胡美健

Class: Adult Chinese II Class – 成人中文2
About Me – 個人經歷

ICC teacher and parents since 2002.   Working on radio broadcasting profession since 1991.  Right now working at Texas Chinese Radio for morning news and special interview.

自2002年起加入中華文化學院教師團隊, 幼兒班, 成人中文班。從事廣播, 配音等相關工作, 自1991 年起任職德州中文廣播電台。

Huang, Tina (Hsiang-Tzu) - 黃相慈

Class: Traditional Pre-K (Zhuyin)注音學前班
About Me – 個人經歷

I graduated from Hsuan Chuang University of Taiwan with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and received my Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio, through my educational background I had become a skillful writer and also an excellent storyteller.
I believes that making the lessons fun is the best way to learn, so I enjoy designing classroom activities to help children learn Mandarin and its culture.


Jan, Yih - 詹怡

Class:Traditional Chinese 11th Grade – 中十一班
About Me – 個人經歷

Kan, Rui - 康芮

Class:Simplified Chinese 4th Grade – 中簡四班
About Me – 個人經歷

I graduated from Chongqing University with a major in civil and environmental engineering. I was an HVAC designer and then a marketing manager for 15 years. I got the Senior Chinese Language Teacher Certification before I moved to the US with my family. I love to travel and gourmet food. I taught in ICC from 2014 to 2016. Now, I am so excited to come back!


Kan-Lu, Jeannie - 簡梓筠

Class:English 3rd-5th/ English 6th-8th 英文文法班
About Me – 個人經歷
Degree: B.S. degree in Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt
: Master of Science in Accounting (Dec 2017)
ICC PTSA President: 2010-2013
ICC Assistant Principal: 2013-2014
ICC English Teacher: 2015-Present
Teach: 3rd – 6th Grade English Grammar & Reading
: 3rd – 7th Grade STAAR test preparation
Interests: tutoring, volunteering, cooking, traveling, music, art, and time with family

Lee, Yueh O – 李月娥

Class: Traditional Chinese 6th Grade – 中六班
About Me – 個人經歷

Yueh O Lee is from Taiwan. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Social Work master’s degree. She is current a Chinese Lead Teacher at the ICC of Early Childhood Education Center. She has worked in different educational settings for many years to teach Chinese in community and private practice. In addition, she was a coach for youth refugees and families at the after-school program.

Her work experience led her to continue learning about early childhood education at the UT Health Science Center at Houston, which directs services to children and families. She strives to make a direct impact on young children. Yueh O Lee believes that a teacher is an important role model for young children and have a big impact on helping shape, create, support, and establish young children’s strengths and knowledge.

Li, Serena – 李欣悅

Class: Pinyin K-1 – 拼音基礎I
About Me – 個人經歷

Lin, Eric – 林亞瑋

Class: JA Company – 青年成就社
About Me – 個人經歷

Liu, Amy - 劉宏偉

Class:Simplified Chinese 4th Grade – 中簡四班
About Me – 個人經歷

Lu, Kiana - 盧彩瑩

Class:Math 4 th Grade 數學四年級/Math 5 th Grade 數學五年級
About Me – 個人經歷

Luu, Amy - 孫惠美

Class: Traditional Chinese 8th Grade – 中八班/ Math 2nd Grade/Math 3rd Grade 數學三年級
About Me – 個人經歷

I have been teaching Montessori school for over 13 years and been an ICC parent since 1998. I have also taught Chinese for 7 years.I enjoy teaching, watching TV, and hanging out with ICC friends.

教書是我的工作領域,我在Montessori school 已經有十三年。1998年倆女兒正式進入中華文化學院就讀。在我的兩個小孩相繼在文化學院畢業我也加入教育下一代認識中國文化的行列。我很喜歡我的工作無論是教美國學生或華裔子弟學中文是我最大的樂趣。

Ma, Jeanne - 何有靜

Class: Traditional Chinese 10th Grade – 中十班

About Me – 個人經歷

National Taiwan University, Bachelor Degree in Language and Liberal Arts. The University of Mississippi, Master Degree in Education.
License: Teacher Certificate by Texas Education Agency
Experience: 30 years of teaching in Fort Bend Independent School District 30 years of teaching in the Institute of Chinese Culture
Hobbies: Tai-Chi, Kun-Fu Fan, Kun-Fu Sword, Long Stick Kun-Fu, Chinese folk Dance, International Standard and Latin Dance, and sewing.

學歷: 國立台灣大學外文系畢業, 美國密州大學教育系碩士畢業,
持有美國德州公立學校教師執照 .
經歷: 在福遍公立學區教學, 有30 年的教學經驗.
在中華文化學院教學, 有30 年的教學經驗.
太極、功夫扇、純陽劍、群羊棍、中國民族舞蹈、國際標準舞、及縫紉 。