Officers ~ Trustees

中華文化學院 董事會 Institute of Chinese Culture Board


President 何有静 Jeanne Ma 

Vice President 鄭鹏宇 Peng-Yu Cheng

Treasurer 區结成 Paul Kit-Sing Au 

Secretary 許健彬 James Hsu


簡辛筠 Jeannie Kan-Lu  

翁定台 Helen Weng

吴乃斌 Naibin Wu

Philip MacNaughton

黄泰生 Sam Hwong

鄭雅文 Katherine Cheng  

徐世剛 DJ Spenser

李雄 Kenneth Li

林政憲 Cheng-Hsien Lin 


The Institute of Chinese Culture is committed to serving the Chinese community, and the community at large. The recruitment of quality students and staff, and the unwavering support of parents and volunteers is all important for the future. The Institute is a non-profit organization and depends solely on tuition and donations for its operating expenses. Your tax exempt contribution, large or small, is always welcome and appreciated. The future of the Institute is bright. Please be a part of its continued success.